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The Truth, Honesty, and Life!

Hey y’all!! Thanks for visiting my neck of the woods, Yes I know I am new but just stick around and in no time I will be cruising along and hopefully you will get something out of my blog. I decided to start this/my blog not only to inform you of several things pertaining to what I deal with and go through on a daily basis but also several conditions that people suffer from that not a lot of people may be aware of and the information could be quite beneficial.

So, y’all hang on and get ready… It may be a bumpy road… Ha!

Now, y’all, I want to start out telling you some important things about myself… First off, I’m not an angel, in fact I am far from it and you know what I can admit it… And that’s okay because I have come to accept my past… Sooner or later all y’all have to come to accept your past or its going to eat y’all alive. But, hey this blog isn’t about my past or even yours…Now, you may see a cuss word once in a while but I promise I will limit it very few. I also am very, very honest and I will tell you exactly how I am feeling at any given time. If I am having an extremely horrible day, I will tell you because when people are dealing with and struggling with chronic pain there are several days that are horrible as hell. I also type exactly how I speak.. What I mean by that is, is I will be typing things like LOL and Haha because often time y’all don’t understand or can’t tell if it is a joke or I am trying to joke around with y’all, and that has to do anytime when your writing anything. Quite possibly y’all might think I am being serious or bloody upset or even really mad.

So, there you have folks…. You have it all… Like I said, I am honest and I wont feed you a bunch of hooey!! I figure, Why??? What is the freakin point… Sometime or another its going to cycle around and bite me in the ass super hard or I am not going to remember and bam, I have to come up with something else to cover what I am about to get busted for..

Doesn’t anyone out there agree with me? Let me know…

I would really like to have some feedback regarding the truth and karma!!!

Well, its pretty late for me and unfortunately I had to have hip surgery on Monday and it is Wednesday today, and I apologize that this is all I have for y’all today!!

Have a safe night and remember I would love some feedback from y’all!!

Kelly Lynn


Have y’all heard of KARMA….I honestly believe in it whole heartedly… Maybe it wont happen right away… But, one day… When y’all least expect it BAM!!!!!